10 manuscripts were granted to Matenadaran

Through the efforts of the foundation 10 manuscripts were granted to Matenadaran. One of the famous books written by Grigor of Narek “Book of Tragedy” which was duplicated in Akner monastery, Cilicia, in 1331 was among the manuscripts. Akner monastery is well recognized as a center of literature throughout Armenia. This priceless (valuable) manuscript has been the most recent accomplishment of  Matenadaran in recognition of Tigran Djambardji’s donations. There are other valuable manuscripts, such as 17th century Mashtots ritual collection,  18th century Armenian manuscript, five religious Arabic-Ottoman manuscripts of 17-18th centuries and two Persian miniatures of 17th century.

Meanwhile, the foundation provided Matenadaran with all the necessary materials for restoration of manuscripts. Printing and video equipment were granted and numerous publishing projects were implemented.  With the support of foundation “Cilician manuscript portrait” (XIII-XIV) has been published in beloved memory of the author Susanna Hovhannisyan. An astounding «Book of Prayer» by St. Grigor of Narek has been also published through the efforts of Matenadaran and Armenian Orthodox Church Catholicosate of Cilicia.   The administration of Matenadaran invited/hosted Gabriel Djambardji, the Honorary President of Pyunik Charitable Foundation, Levon Sargsyan, president of the Board of Trustees, Mihran Minasyan, a prominent armenologist, who owns distinctive collection of various manuscripts and documents.  They were granted Saint Mesrop Mashtots order for their invaluable contributions.

Speaking about future joint projects, Gabriel Djambardji mentioned “We are planning to open branch of Matenadaran in Artsakh, where we will be able to exhibit all duplications of manuscripts written in Artsakh. People who live here will have an opportunity to be aware of the values established in Artsakh. This project has been approved by the president of the Republic of Armenia and we will start the implementation process as soon as possible”.


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