Art festival

Artists Union of Armenia hosted exhibition dedicated to Andrey Sakharov’s masterpiece “Anxiety and Hope” yesterday.  “Organizing Art festivals are of a great importance. They provide audience an opportunity to interfere with nature and reality. They simply shift everything from art to canvas or paperboard.

Serjo Yeritsyan, president of “Lorva Dzor Union of Countrymen” speaking about festival brought back the memories of Hovhannes Tumanyan 140th anniversary celebration in 2009, the art festival organized by Martiros Saryan more than 58 years ago in Dsegh village and his 12 paintings which received the highest acknowledgements. “Lorva Dzor Union of Countrymen” in cooperation with “Pyunik” foundation and Artists Union of Armenia initiated “In Lorva Dzor” art festival in the birthplace of the artist and also, in the Artists’ Union of Armenia in Yerevan. Having enormous success and only positive reviews, the initiators decided to make the festival traditional. “In Lorva Dzor” art festival was organized for the second time in 2010, followed by an exhibition in the Artist’s Union of Armenia. Levon Sargsyan, the president of Pyunik Charitable foundation was in Akhtala, Lori, during festival days. He suggested broadening the scope of festival and involving all regions, as well as Javakhk and Artsakh. After a short period of time, in October, 2010, “Lorva Dzor Union of Countrymen” in cooperation with “Pyunik” foundation initiated “Autumn Colors of Artsakh” art festival in the regions of Martakert and Shahumyan. “Base Metals” company became one of the supporters of the festival. 10 artists were invited to stay in one of the wonderful and hidden places known as Drmbon, near Sarsang reservoir.

Artists were astonished by the wonderful nature of Karvachar, its beauty, historical and architectural monuments, monasteries such as Dadivank and Gandzasar. Talking about Tartar valley, artists described canyons, gigantic rocks, mountains as untouched wonders that just need to be captured.


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