Supporting educational sphere

“Pyunik Human Resource Development Center” supports the educational sphere of Armenia for more than 10 years. The foundation was informally launched in 1998.  All these years the foundation, with the support of Tigran Djambardji has funded numerous Armenian educational institutions by providing laboratories for biology, chemistry and physics classes.  About 600 laboratories are well equipped with all the necessary tools and materials enabling students to conduct various scientific research.  It was in 1967, when the last time educational institutions received equipment. Since 2006 the foundation took serious steps towards enhancing regional schools. They have provided laboratories to regional schools as well. During several field trips it has been founded that several schools in Jermuk don’t acquire globes and telescopes in classrooms. The philanthropist provided 1000 globes and hundreds of telescopes to schools. More than 1000 computers have been granted to educational institutions in Yerevan, Artsakh and throughout Armenia. The foundation also finances/supports orphans and students from insecure families to cover their tuition fees. Since then, the foundation has supported more than 100 students. Best students are given an opportunity to participate in 6month internship programs overseas. According to the president of the Board of Trustees and philanthropist the key element of the foundation is and will always remain uniting available human resources and directing those resources to the development of the society.

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