“Pyunik Human Resource Development Center” supports the educational sphere of Armenia for more than 10 years. The foundation was informally launched in 1998.  All these years the foundation, with the support of Tigran Djambardji has funded numerous Armenian educational institutions by providing laboratories for biology, chemistry and physics classes.  About 600 laboratories are well equipped [...]

The foundation is also engaged in healthcare issues. Pyunik foundation puts a lot of effort in supporting people dealing with health problems. It finances healthcare centers in obtaining up to date and new equipment. It supported several children dealing with health problems by sponsoring their surgeries and medical treatment. The foundation also provides monthly pensions. [...]

Artists Union of Armenia hosted exhibition dedicated to Andrey Sakharov’s masterpiece “Anxiety and Hope” yesterday.  “Organizing Art festivals are of a great importance. They provide audience an opportunity to interfere with nature and reality. They simply shift everything from art to canvas or paperboard. Serjo Yeritsyan, president of “Lorva Dzor Union of Countrymen” speaking about [...]

Foundation also supports musical educational institutions to acquire new and professional musical instruments. In 2010 Yamaha grand piano was presented to the Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas in Gyumri. Taking into consideration the limited number of musical instruments and especially brass instruments in cultural centers of the capital, the mayor with the support of “Pyunik” [...]

The president of the Republic of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan hosted managers of Pyunik Human Resources Development Found. One of the famous paintings by worldwide recognized seascape artist Ivan Aivazovsky “Ship at Sea” was presented to the president. Later on, the president granted the painting to the History Museum of Armenia.

Through the efforts of the foundation 10 manuscripts were granted to Matenadaran. One of the famous books written by Grigor of Narek “Book of Tragedy” which was duplicated in Akner monastery, Cilicia, in 1331 was among the manuscripts. Akner monastery is well recognized as a center of literature throughout Armenia. This priceless (valuable) manuscript has [...]